EnJoY ^_~ FACEBOOK – Music : 1)Trance – L’amour Toujours (remix) 2)Alextc – Love You Till I Die (Daydream Rmx) I DO NOT OWN THESE SONGS and im not making any money of them!

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  • Bahangl 5 years ago

    witch programs did they use??

  • TheShadowmaster108 5 years ago

    YES!! PART 3!1 I love you lemur!!!

  • ScaryLemur 5 years ago

    Hey guys , i hope you liked the PART 3! But i need ur help to find trance/techno songs for my next episode!! This is the hardest part , finding music that fits.. if you can find 1 then i will credit you in the video and use ur music if it is good 🙂

  • tomstriker1 5 years ago

    0:23 trust him, he´s an engineer

  • 1Dblade333 5 years ago

    The horse running just in front of the car was so epic.

  • useRedstone 5 years ago

    Great Job! I ♥ Your videos!

  • coolkid14004 5 years ago

    2pm tetris? dj tiesto he is a pirate?

  • Dimandian 5 years ago

    You rock, man.

  • MrHardkohr 5 years ago

    it was moose bro

  • BrunerD1 5 years ago

    I always look forward to watching these videos. Keep them coming please!