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top ten funny baby videos

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funniest babies ever

The Shampoo Prank

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One of the oldest pranks in the book with the victim confused with his everlasting shampoo!

OMG grenade fishing goes terribly wrong – BOOM – STUPID angler – fisherman

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OMG grenade fishing goes terribly wrong - STUPID angler - fisherman TAGS: OMG grenade fishing goes terribly wrong - STUPID angler - fisherman funny fishing "bishing with granade" poacher accident on boa...

5528small animal funny accidents from

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Blague de l’insecte au Drive-in

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Le magicien Rahat fait une blague aux employé du drive-in d'un fastfood. Il leur colle un faux instecte sur la main et filme leur réaction.

Panasonic Boys` Bathroom Commercial

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â-ºâ-ºâ-ºChech out my channel to see the best commercials ever.â--„â--„â--„ â-ºâ-ºâ-ºCheck out my main channel with awesome musicâ--„â--„â--„ Don`t forget to subscribe if you like it and share to your friends:) Boy`...

When I’m Bored!

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In this video Willie brings you into his deep and sophisticated life. He will show you how he spends his summer and asks what you do during your summer. If you enjoyed this video please SMASH that LIKE button and DEST...

Messiah in the Sandy River

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All of us hanging out at the river with the dogs. Funny thing is up until today, MY dog hated water. It looks like he hates being outdone by another dog even more. Look at how he trucks after that gnarled piece of wood!

Minecraft Lets Play Ep.1

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Hey guys, thanks for viewing my video! On my channel, I currently do alot of gaming videos, but other real life videos are on the way! Subscribe if you wanna see all the funny moments on my channel, including fails, w...

Hilarious Animal Videos and Pictures – Cats, Dogs, Penguins, and Polar Bears

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A funny complication of crazy, silly, and funny animals.